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The following projects are available for the Summer of 2019.

Shown are the faculty mentors with links to their research group homepage, their area of study and a general REU project description.

Prof. Gary Blanchard (Analytical)  Chemistry of interfaces and laser spectroscopy
Prof. Marcos Dantus (Physical) Laser spectroscopy of  molecules and imaging
Prof. Selvan Demir (Inorganic) Lanthanide chemistry in energy and material science
Prof. Robert Ferrier (Chem. Engr.) Polymer Science
Prof. John Frost (Organic) Green synthesis and biocatalysis
Prof. Thomas Hamann (Inorganic) Dye-sensitized solar cells  and electrochemistry
Prof. James "Ned" Jackson (Organic) Green  material synthesis and biofuels
Prof. Robert LaDuca (Inorganic) Green synthesis  for inorganic polymers and ceramics
Prof. Ben Levine (Physical) Energy-related materials and computational chemistry
Prof. Robert Maleczka (Organic) Green organic synthesis and new reaction schemes
Prof. Mitch Smith (Inorganic) Organometallic chemistry
Prof. Greg Swain (Analytical) Green inorganic coatings and electrochemistry
Prof. Kevin Walker (Bioorganic) Natural product biosynthesis and bioindustrial chemistry
Prof. Angela Wilson (Physical/Computational) Computational methods applied to green chemistry